Add Value and Style To Your Home With Window Grids

Add Value and Style To Your Home With Window Grids

Looking to spice up your home’s look without spending big bucks on a renovation? Consider adding window grilles — decorative inserts that attach to the window frame — for a great update to your house’s design.

Window grilles are a classic addition to any home. With easy-to-use push pins for window grids, you can install these beautiful and stylish inserts on your own. Great for DIY enthusiasts!

The Right Style For The Right House

Even if you prefer a contractor to do the work, ordering and installing window grids is easy and cost-effective. Select your preferred style. There are dozens of gorgeous designs to choose from, whether a classic colonial grid, a diamond-pattern lattice, or a cheerful half-radial design. You can even have customized window grids designed for your home.

Measure each window to ensure you order the right size grid. If you have different sized windows, or even if you want different grids for individual sections of your home, make a list of all window dimensions. This will make it easier to order the correct grid size. “Measure twice, cut once” is always a good motto for any home renovation product, even if you’re not using a table saw.

What’s great about window grids is they can fit any frame, whether you have older glass panes or have upgraded to more energy-efficient windows. Investing in modernized windows is a good decision anyway, but if plain glass panes seem boring, you can enhance the look with simple decorative elements. 

Plus, if you have large windows that confuse birds and you don’t want ugly stickers or netting to obscure your view, window grids might be the perfect option: Stylish and safe for your local birds.

So, if you’re currently planning a home renovation or are looking for affordable options to add some pizazz to your home’s decor, window grids are a safe, easy, and cost-effective solution. 

Ishat Narain