A Comparative Review Of The Smart Manufacturing And Intelligent Manufacturing

A Comparative Review Of The Smart Manufacturing And Intelligent Manufacturing

Since past years, many manufactures and the industrialist have been discussing on what exactly is smart manufacturing and the intelligent manufacturing. There are many published articles, blogs, and press release terms that may guide you with the entire concept but you will not get it clear because this lacked clarity. Therefore, with the help of this post, we will guide you with the best definitions of smart manufacturing and as well as intelligent manufacturing.

The right set of definitions will help you in getting the right information for what exactly you are looking for. Though the concept has got enough coverage, the concept is still not clear in the heads of the major manufacturers. SO, let’s get started and discover the exact conception and working procedure of smart and intelligent manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing System

Here is the comprehensive definition of smart manufacturing. Smart manufacturing is the type of manufacturing system that is completely integrated. These have highly collaborated manufacturing systems that respond and deal in real-time to meet the changing demands, conditions, and requirements of the factories. This type of manufacturing system also takes care of the complete supply needs of the customers and as well as factories.

Smart manufacturing also tends to solve the existing and as well as futuristic problems.  This also has an open infrastructure.  The smart manufacturing systems work at the pace of the business and takes the ultimate care of the growth of the company as well.

Intelligent Manufacturing System

Coming towards the intelligent manufacturing system, it uses the combined intelligence of the people, process and makes the right uses of the machine as well. It also affects the overall economics of manufacturing.  The main motive of intelligent manufacturing is to enhance the manufacturing sources. Also, intelligent manufacturing is a simple and efficient method to manufacture goods.  Though they get a little more expensive on the financial end.


So, mentioned above are the most important and key differences between smart manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.  Make sure you choose the right one according to your needs and by keeping in mind the company goal. A clear motive will help you in deciding which is more efficient than the other. These two different manufacturing models are effective in their way and have certain advantages. Make sure to choose the one which is more efficient for your business.

Daniel Pauly