A better understanding of Pap Smear

A better understanding of Pap Smear

Cancer is the leading killing disease in the current world. Over 80% of the deaths are patients who had cancer. What makes people succumb to this disease is the fact the cells develop without being noticed. At the time when they are discovered, it becomes difficult to manage them. For this reason, doctors have developed a pap smear test. If you develop cancer-related symptoms, visit South Charleston pap smear clinic to get testing services to help test and treat all the signs at an early stage.

What is a Pap Smear?

Cancer, especially the one that affects the cervix, has claimed a lot of lives. This is because cancerous cells or cervical cells grow abnormally over time. If not detected at the right time, the symptoms become severe hence claiming lives. A pap smear test was developed to help detect cervical cancer and any abnormal cell growth resulting in cancer.

The best candidate for a smear pap test

The most suitable candidates for this test are the younger women but who are still above twenty-one years of age. In most instances, the test is taken after every three to five years depending on individuals’ preferences.

What is expected during a pap smear test appointment?

The testing process takes a few minutes as compared to other tests. A small component of a woman’s cell is taken to the lab for examination. During the examination, a woman lays on the exam table, placing her feet in stirrups. A speculum device is inserted into the vagina allowing visualization and access to the cervix. Samples are drawn from the cells and taken for examination.

Benefits of Pap Smear test

Women over the age of twenty-one should make this a routine appointment as it helps prevent chances of having cervical cancer. This is made possible as doctors can find the cervical cell changes leading to the later formation of the cancer cells. If they are detected at an early stage, proper treatment actions are taken. Generally, we can conclude that the Pap smear helps find and treat cancer immediately at an early stage before it spreads out to other parts of the body.

Are there risks involved in pap smear?

The pap smear test may sometimes cause bleeding. If the bleeding becomes severe, the exam may be stopped to allow the healing process to take place. However, this is not common as a specialist does the procedure to help avoid complications.

What happens when a Pap smear has abnormal results?

Generally, many women experience or have abnormal pap test results. However, this does not indicate that you have or suffer from cancer. When the results are available, the doctors discuss them with the patient. They also take the patient through the testing steps before the actual treatment procedure.

Time to get a cancer test

It would help if you were not afraid of cancer anymore as Patel and Patel MD, INC are here for you. They will help you with a smear pap test that will help detect cancerous cells early enough to get the right and most appropriate treatment procedure.

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