8 Reasons Why You Choose Industrial Service?

8 Reasons Why You Choose Industrial Service?

Over the past three decades, manufacturing companies have seen their profit margins shrink due to a decrease in domestic demand. With shrinking profits come shrinking budgets and decreased job opportunities for skilled workers. Now is the time for manufacturers to invest more heavily into industrial service providers such as ours so that future generations of manufacturing workers are guaranteed an opportunity despite the changing economy.

The Reasons of Choosing Our Service

These benefits that can be offered by our industrial service are:

  1. Improved Quality Control

With the constant increase in production, comes a constant increase in the need for quality control measures to prevent defects and faults. Our industrial service offers specialized quality control methods. If you search Industrial products near me on Google, you can get proven effective factories. We maintain a large inventory of quality control equipment and personnel to ensure your order is processed correctly despite time zone differences. This also extends your supply chain always ensuring a consistent level of production. Some of these quality control methods include: double-sampling, stage sampling, 100% inspection etc.

  1. On-demand Manufacturing Services

With a large supply chain base and over ten years of industry experience, we have the capability to provide on-demand as well as pre-determined manufacturing services according to your needs. This includes thermoforming, sign manufacturing, injection molding, and other injection molding products etc. which will be assigned to the project at hand. It is important to note that the industrial service is specialized in the manufacturing of these several products which will be delivered exactly as required by you. That way you can always be assured that our product quality meets your exact requirements and standards no matter what project you’re working on!

  1. On-site Assembly and Testing

As every company knows, products tend to take longer to finish than expected. It is in your best interest as a buyer to have the product delivered as close to when it was ordered as possible. With the industrial service, we have the capability of delivering your products directly to our on-site assembly and testing area. This will also save you time and also decrease costs by eliminating shipment delays, having material handling personnel or warehouse space. We do this so that your project can be completed in a timely manner and shipped on-time for you!

  1. Parts Acquisition & Replenishment

Our industrial service offers full inventory of parts which are stocked in our warehouses located all over the country. This inventory is available for immediate shipment to you or a customer requiring parts for an emergency. We also have the capability of providing after-market parts and services for products already in circulation. If a part is no longer available, we have the capability to manufacture it from scratch.

  1. Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Most clients require products that are manufactured in smaller quantities than those normally produced by larger manufacturers. To combat this, our industrial service is able to provide electronic manufacturing services using state-of-the-art automation equipment and software designed especially for electronic production such as PCBA, SMT and thru-hole assembly and testing etc. This means you won’t need to invest in expensive equipment required for small batch production. There are no capital expenses as there are no upfront investments required either. In addition, our electronic manufacturing services even include assembly and testing services.

  1. Product Customization

Our industrial service offers product customizations such as embossing, die-cutting, laser engraving, silk screening and surface finishing etc. These can be applied to your product at the factory during production or at the plant receiving the finished product for assembly. This can save you both time and money by speeding up delivery times or excessive costs of tooling and materials if done by hand or by expensive custom tooling and dies. You get both time savings as well as increased efficiency in this process so that your project is completed quickly and efficiently!

  1. Product Evaluation

If your product is new to the market, we will evaluate it for you based on various criteria such as functional specifications and design advances. If a certain product with similar functional characteristics is already available on the market, we will determine whether or not it has any major design flaws or manufacturing defects. With our product evaluation service, you will get an honest assessment of your product before you make a costly investment into its production. No more surprises if your product does not meet the required standards!

  1. Product Quality Assurance (GMP) Certification

As a buyer, you can select from several different quality standards that are available for your chosen products from our industrial service. We will then provide you with the necessary training and certification of your choice in order to meet that standard. This means that you’ll have peace of mind with your product’s quality and the assurance that it will be manufactured to your exact specifications. You’ll also be able to use this certification as a competitive advantage. So if a competitor uses cheaper quality materials for production, there is no doubt as to which product is better since it has already undergone testing and certification.

Final Words

Industrial Service has a team of professionals that can assist you with any questions regarding industrial cleaning and make your project more efficient, complete more quickly and stay within budget.