7 Affordable and Delicious Culinary in Bintan

7 Affordable and Delicious Culinary in Bintan

Bintan has many delicious and affordable dishes that you can try while visiting. The location of Bintan is close to Singapore, which makes many tourists from abroad visit Bintan such as Malaysia, Singapore, and others. Bintan is also the largest island in the Riau Archipelago Province. Precisely in the Southern Peninsula area of ​​Malaysia.

Each tourist attraction certainly has different characteristics. For example, the island of white sand can be used for snorkeling activities, and Penyengat Island can be used as a historical tour of the Sultanate of Johor. In addition to nature tourism, there are also culinary tours that you should not miss when visiting Bintan.

Bintan specialties with high taste are served to pamper tourists’ tongues. Bintan’s location around the waters makes it rich in delicious seafood. They are processed into a special food that is much sought after. Here are seven recommendations for affordable culinary prices that you must try when visiting Bintan.

  1. Lakse

The first culinary dish you should try is Lakse. This food is made from noodles with preparations such as laksa plus a splash of coconut milk on top. This gravy is made from mackerel and is mashed together with ginger, chili, shallots, coriander, shrimp paste, coconut milk, and curry spices.

The main ingredients of Lakse are coconut milk, sago, and rice flour, which are then shaped like Putu Mayang. Sometimes the processed products are contained in small bowls of leaves so that they look unique.

It is believed that Lakse is an adaptation of processed spaghetti from Italy. This food originally came from Belitung Malay, until finally in Bintan. Local wisdom presented in a plate of Lakse is stronger if it’s eaten around the beach with the sound of waves and breezes.

  1. Gonggong

Gonggong is a typical food of Bintan that is processed from sea snails. This culinary dish is often found around the Bintan beach because it comes from the sea. This snack is usually accompanied by chili sauce or sauce that is contained in a small bowl.

In general, cook Gonggong by boiling it with garlic and salt for about 15 to 20 minutes. This food is more delicious when eaten warm. So it is advisable to eat it immediately before it cools down.

Besides that, Gonggong can also be enjoyed with oyster sauce, black pepper and peanut sauce. The texture and taste are almost similar to the taste of squid. It is believed that Gonggong can increase vitality in men.

  1. Otak-otak Kawal

The next dish is Otak-otak Kawal which is usually wrapped in coconut leaves or banana leaves. The ingredients come from a mixture of tapioca flour with soft ground fish meat. If you visit Bintan, you must try this food.

One of the spices that should not be missed is chili, and besides that, seasonings are also added to give a solid taste to the food. After the dough is finished, it is then wrapped in leaves and burned in charcoal.

  1. Asam Pedas Melayu

This culinary dish is only available in the Riau Archipelago, so you must try Asam Pedas Melayu when you visit Bintan. The dominant taste of sour and spicy makes anyone hungrier when eating food.

Make sure to order fresh drinks such as iced tea, orange juice or others, so that the dining experience is even more complete. Fish commonly used in sour and spicy dishes are sea fish and freshwater fish such as selar fish, bruising fish, and other thick flesh.

When cooking this spicy-sour fish, the spices are usually sauteed until the oil comes out first, then the fish is put into the pan, and then the tamarind liquid is added. This secret makes spicy and sour preparations more delicious.

  1. Hawaiian Coffee

Apart from being heaven for culinary delights, Bintan also offers drinks that are no less delicious. For coffee fans, don’t miss out on tasting the sensation of Bintan’s specialty coffee which is popularly called Hawaiian Coffee. A very distinctive taste is the main attraction for every tourist who tries it.

Other snacks can also be ordered to accompany a glass of Hawaiian coffee, such as fried bananas, toast, fried potatoes and crispy fried mushrooms. The Hawaiian name for Hawaiian Coffee comes from the sub-district head who used to serve in the area where the first coffee shop opened, and this is not related to the Hawaii area in the United States.

Making this coffee is quite unique, namely by mixing coffee and water in a large container and then stirring with a wooden spoon. The serving usually uses a white ceramic cup. Previously, the cup was soaked in hot water, then the filtered coffee was poured into the cup.

  1. Roti Jala

Roti Jala or also known as Roti Kirai is made from eggs and wheat flour. The mixture of the two ingredients is added to water, then stirred and cooked on Teflon with a thin layer and is made to resemble a net and then scrambled.

After that it is rolled like rolling an omelet. Once finished, the bread is laid out on a plate and covered with curry sauce or curry on top. The price is very affordable, around 5,000 rupiahs for one portion.

This snack is usually prepared also at Eid, wedding celebrations, thanksgiving, or family gatherings. The easy way of cooking allows anyone to practice it themselves at home with a combination of other ingredients.

  1. Spicy Porridge

Spicy Porridge is different from other porridge. Although the name is Spicy Porridge, the taste of this porridge is not spicy at all. The dominant taste is savory. This porridge can be a second choice if you don’t want to eat rice. The content of carbohydrates and minerals can increase energy for tourists in carrying out various activities in Bintan.

Besides being suitable for breakfast, this porridge is also suitable for lunch and dinner. Spicy porridge is made from rice mixed with a lot of water and then stirred, topped with corn, scallions, and additional spices.

On top of the porridge, it is usually topped with anchovies, peanuts, and crackers. Not infrequently, some vegetables such as kale, long beans, and carrots are added to add nutrients in one bowl that is served.

That’s a list of culinary tours in Bintan that are affordable and delicious. However, vacation is more than just-food. And it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bintan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Paul Petersen