6 Ways to Coordinate Your Jewellery With An Outfit

6 Ways to Coordinate Your Jewellery With An Outfit

If you want to draw attention to yourself at a party, then you need to dress your best. But you can only dress your best when you will be matching your dress and jewellery well. However, not many know how to get it done and look great. After all, a little mistake can make you look out of touch or old fashioned. To prevent you from committing such grievous errors, we are here to help you out. We will tell you 6 ways you will be able to coordinate your outfit and jewellery together.

6 Stylish Ways To Coordinate Your Outfit And Jewellery 

  • Dressing for work: If you are dressing for work then you need to keep it casual, cool, and charming. Formal wear like suits and Kurtis need minimal jewellery on your hands. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want the dangling wrist jhumka to make unnecessary noises during a meeting or disturb you when you are hurriedly typing on your keyboard. So for work, less is more. Invest in a smartwatch and wear stud solitaire earrings.
  • Dressing for the temple: When you will be offering your prayers at the temple wear bright colours like yellow or red. It will draw attention to you. As for jewellery, keep it simple. Wear a necklace and wear Barong tagalog for Sale. Gold is preferable, but if not, then wear silver. As for design, you can choose bulky or simple ones both. It all depends on your wishes.
  • Dressing for a formal occasion: Formal occasions call for sarees and Kurtis. So you need to dress your best and add on some bulky jewellery like necklaces and heavy bangles if it’s a wedding or a festival. But if you are attending an office party, then keep the jewellery minimum. Swap out the heavy necklace for a pendant and the bangles for a bracelet.
  • Dressing for a party: Parties are casual and fun. So put on your jeans and T-shirt before heading out the have fun. If you are planning on dancing, then keep the jewellery light. Wear a bracelet, Melorra gold earrings, and a watch to complete the look. Note that you can wear glittery jewellery that will bring attention to you as well.
  • Dressing for college: College is a casual place where you go to study and have a lot of fun. In there put on your casual clothing and wear a watch to complete the look. Of course, you can wear statement earrings that will make you feel great and bold. It’s advised that you keep the jewellery light for such functions.
  • Dressing for a beach party: For beach parties; bracelets, earrings, and a ring will be enough. If you are wearing a yellow dress, then don’t forget to pair it up with glittery studs and a cool bracelet.

Do note that you will look best if you match your outfit and jewellery with your skin tone. So if you have a dark skin, then gold and other metals will look great on your skin. If you are not, then opt for black coloured jewellery as that will contrast well. If you keep it in mind that you will be able to steal the scene no matter where you go.