6 Signs That Show You Need Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

6 Signs That Show You Need Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction treatments are not at all easy. Addiction is a severe and highly challenging condition that has to be handled by people who have gone through drug and alcohol intervention, counselling, and therapy. This post explores 6 signs that should encourage you to seek help from a professional, such as Impact Recovery (https://impactrecoverycenter.net/).

1. You Can’t Control Your Substance Use

If you can’t control your substance use, that’s a telltale sign that you need drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Some of the signs that you don’t have control over your substance use include depression and an increased frequency of substance abuse.

Some signs indicate there is a problem outside of a lack of control. For instance, if anyone has told you they think you have a problem with drinking or doing drugs, it might be time for an intervention. If your family members and friends fear your life because of your excessive use, then this is a sign that something needs to change immediately.

2. Important People in Your Life Have Told You That You Have a Problem With Drugs or Alcohol

If your friends, family, and loved ones have confronted you about your drinking or drug use, you must listen to them. They care about you and want to help. People who love you often have an objective perspective on your situation that can help decide whether you need addiction treatment.

3. You Have Previously Been in Treatment and Relapsed

Perhaps you went to a rehab program in the past but relapsed. Experiencing relapse is very common among people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Relapse rates are comparable to those treated for high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes, which illustrates how difficult it can be to avoid relapse when dealing with addiction.

4. You’ve Tried to Quit but Haven’t Been Able to Do It Independently

If you’ve tried to quit on your own and have either been unsuccessful or relapsed, it’s time to reach out for help. Quitting an addiction is one of the hardest things you’ll ever attempt, but with the proper support, it can be done. If a drug and alcohol rehab facility doesn’t seem like the right choice for you, know that other options are available.

5. You Tend Not to Feel Like Yourself When You’re Sober

If you’re not sure whether you or a loved one needs drug and alcohol addiction treatment, it can be helpful to keep track of your moods. You can do this by keeping a journal or diary—or, if you prefer, just jotting down notes on your phone. Writing about how you’re feeling each day will make it easier to look back over time and determine patterns.

6. Your Family Has a History of Addiction Problems

If you’re trying to determine whether or not you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, consider that addiction is often hereditary. If your parents have had addiction issues, you may be at higher risk of developing an addiction.

Additionally, if you have siblings struggling with drug and alcohol issues right now, there’s a chance that the same thing could happen to you. It doesn’t mean that it will happen to you—it just means that there are some unique challenges ahead of you in life that may affect your relationship with substances.


If you notice some of the signs listed above, it could be time for addiction treatment. Contact a company specializing in drug and alcohol addiction treatment to learn about your options. They can help you find the right program for your needs and put your mind at ease.

Ishat Narain