6 Recommended Exciting Tourist Attractions in Makassar

6 Recommended Exciting Tourist Attractions in Makassar

Makassar is a big city in South Sulawesi with many fantastic tourist destinations, making it a tourist destination for many local and foreign tourists. For those of you who are going on vacation to Makassar for the first time, here are some recommendations for tourist attractions that you can visit in this city.

  1. Malino

Located approximately 3 hours drive from the city center, Malino is a plateau where most of the land has limestone elements. Even so, the air in this place can reach up to 8 degrees in certain seasons.

It is highly recommended for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of this place to bring warm clothes to avoid hypothermia. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your meals because there are no food vendors here.

  1. Kanari Hill

This metropolitan city, which is very rich in marine charm, has a stunning tourist destination of Bukit Kanari. The condition of the place is still beautiful and fresh, with a variety of shady trees make it perfect for a place to relax and unwind. In addition, you can also enjoy the sunset in the middle of a beautiful hill panorama.

  1. Balla Lompoa Museum

Did you know that this museum is a redevelopment of the royal palace of Gowa? Yes, the Balla Lompoa Museum has a long history considering it was established before Indonesia’s independence. The ancient design of the building has become an attraction for historical tourist attractions.

In this museum, there are historical relics from the Kingdom of Gowa, which are still well preserved today, and other historical objects that tell a lot about the history of our nation at that time. You must visit this place to know the historical journey that happened a long time ago in Makassar.

  1. Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam is a royal fortress built in the face of the battle in Makassar. This fort is also known as Ujung Pandang Fort, which is still well maintained today. Visiting this place will broaden your horizons as the next generation of this country.

The construction of Fort Rotterdam itself still uses simple technology. It was built in the mid-16th century, some parts of the fort have been worn down by age. Even so, this fort still stands strong to this day.

  1. Somba Opu Fort

There are several fort buildings in Makassar that represent the strong defense of the Gowa Kingdom Sultanate at that time in defending itself from colonial attacks. One of them was the Somba Opu Fort which became the center of security in securing the bustling trade.

You will see the architectural design is so unique and charming. Inside the fort is the king’s palace as well as the houses of the nobles. When visiting here, you can not only see the sights but also learn about history up close. Even nowadays traditional houses have been built make this tourist location even more beautiful.

  1. Pinisi Boat Craft Center

The last place that also closes in discussing tourist attractions in Makassar is the Pinisi Boat Craft Center. The Pinisi boat is a traditional boat that is still widely used by the surrounding community. The most important thing for you to know is the equipment used to make this boat is still very simple.

Armed with the knowledge passed down by the previous generations, the people in this place still hold fast to this day. Do not be surprised when you visit this place to find all the equipment and what is used to build a boat is still very simple.

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