5 Ways A Self-Ordering Kiosk In Singapore Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Because the world is constantly evolving, many technological discoveries are entering the market and making the lives of everyone better. One good example of these is the retail industries and restaurants. Many manufacturers have introduced the discovery of self-kiosks, self-checkout counters, a PSG grant, and a POS system in Singapore.

Diving deeper into a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore, what makes it more preferred by customers? According to a study, over 65% of customers visiting restaurants prefer using self-order kiosks than having servers get their orders.

If you’re considering a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore for your food business, here’s a brief overview of its massive benefits.


Running a restaurant can cost you a thousand bucks. You will need some equipment, including mixers, food processors, ice machines, countertops, point of sale systems in Singapore, and many more. If you want to lower your restaurant operation expenses, self-ordering kiosks are an efficient way to cut costs.


Waiting time is one of the many reasons people love to use a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore. Nothing aggravates them more than long waiting times! With self-order booths, you can streamline the ordering process and put control in the hands of your customers. They can create their order, submit it to the kitchen, and pay in less than a minute or two.

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With a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore, you can reduce the front-end staff taking orders and assign them to other essential tasks, such as maintaining store cleanliness, washing the dishes, cooking, and anything else. This device can also help you save on labour costs.


Another significant advantage of a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore is reducing order errors. Getting an order wrong can make your store have negative reviews and may lose regular customers. Order accuracy is one of the crucial factors every business should always remember and observe.


Due to the global pandemic, keeping a safe distance is becoming a thing. Investing in a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore can help protect the safety and health of your in-house staff and customers. This device limits the potential risks of COVID-19 transmission.

Getting a self-ordering kiosk in Singapore is an investment. Through this, your in-house staff will never have to interact with your customers placing orders, checking the menu, and paying for what they ate, providing them with the utmost convenience. The same applies to you, your staff, and your business.

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