5 Steps to Figure Out Your Bra Size

5 Steps to Figure Out Your Bra Size

Many people go about their daily lives while wearing ill-fitting bras without knowing it simply because they don’t know what bra size they actually need. Bra sizing is notoriously confusing for many as the number and letter combination seems more like a password than a size. Follow this guide to help you determine whether you need 34AA bras, 40DD bras, or anything in between.

  1. Put on Your Best-Fitting, Unpadded Bra

When you are ready to figure out your bra size, find your best-fitting unpadded bra that neither adds or suppresses volume. This will help you get a more accurate measure of the size you need since padded bras can add as little as an inch or two or as much as three to four inches. The simple mistake of wearing a padded or pushup bra while measuring oneself may be the reason why so many people are wearing ill-fitting bra in the first place.

  1. Measure Below Your Bust

Next, get out your measuring tape and wrap it around your torso, just under your bust. Make sure that the tape is neither too loose or too tight. Ensure that it’s completely parallel to the ground and that it isn’t twisted or drooping around the back, as both can add an inch or two to the measurement. Take a deep breath in. After exhaling, check the number on your measuring tape and round to the closes whole number.

  1. Add Inches as Appropriate

Take whatever measurement you got from step two, and note whether it’s even or odd. If it’s an even number, add four inches to the measurement to keep it at an even number. If it’s an odd number instead, add five to the measurement to make it an even number. You now have the number component of the bra size, so now it’s time to figure out what cup size you need.

  1. Measure Your Bust

Grab your handy measuring tape again, but this time measure around the most prominent part of your bust. Again, it’s important to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor as much as possible, so it may help to have someone else assist you if you aren’t able to wrap it around yourself in a straight line on your own. Once you see your measurement, round it up or down to get a whole number.

  1. Find Your Cup Size

Ready for a bit more math? Take your band measurement from step two, and subtract it from the bust measurement you took in step four. If the difference is between zero and 1/2 inch, you need an AA cup, or if it’s between 1/2 inch and one inch, you need an A. If the difference is two, three, or four inches, then your cup size will be a B, C, or D respectively.

Figuring out the proper bra size that you need doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes, and the payoff of slipping into a bra that finally fits is well worth it!