4 Workplace Fire Prevention Tips

4 Workplace Fire Prevention Tips

Workplace fires can cause serious property damage, injuries and business disruptions. Fire is one of the most common workplace catastrophes. These tips can help you reduce the risks associated with workplace fires.

  1. Maintain Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety equipment, such as fire sprinkler systems Orange County California, fire hydrants and smoke alarms should be regularly inspected and maintained. Equipment that does not function correctly should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Designate a specific time every year to inspect and maintain equipment. Store safety equipment in an area that is uncluttered and easy to access.

  1. Create an Evacuation Plan

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires businesses to have an emergency evacuation plan. An EAP makes it safer and more efficient for customers and employees to escape your building during a fire. Your EAP should comply with industry best practices and OSHA requirements. Regularly review your EAP with employees and other members of your organization and place evacuation maps near main walkways and stairwells.

  1. Train Employees

Many workplace fires are caused by employee mistakes. Kitchen fires, improper storage of combustible materials and mishandling of chemicals are common causes of workplace fires. Employees should receive regular safety training on how to store and dispose of hazardous materials, property operate machinery and prevent fires in the kitchen or breakroom. 

  1. Mark Exits and Escape Routes

Smoke can make it difficult to see and customers or other guests in your building may not know where exits are. Placing lighted signs above exits can help. Floor lights can help people crawl to safety when a room is filled with smoke. Easy-to-read maps posted throughout your building can help guests find their way out.

Fires are a common cause of injuries and property damage in the workplace. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of damage done.

Ishat Narain