4 Ways a Storm Can Damage Your Home

4 Ways a Storm Can Damage Your Home

Anyone who owns a home will likely be faced with the need to make repairs due to storm damage. Severe weather can impact nearly every part of your home. After the skies clear, it is important to pursue storm damage repair Killeen TX as quickly as possible, even if it is a temporary fix. Delaying repairs can cause further harm to your home.

Roof Damage

Storm damage to roofs can be as small as some missing shingles or as severe as removing the entire roof structure. When the roof is damaged, rain and debris are able to come inside the home and cause further damage.

Window Damage

Most windows are easy to break; just ask any kid with a baseball. Storms that include strong winds can pick up debris and turn it into missiles. These projectiles can easily break windows and let rainwater enter the house, causing further damage.

Siding Damage

Strong winds can also negatively impact your home’s siding. This damage can range from debris making small dents and holes to large sections being ripped off and blown away. If the siding is compromised, rain can cause harm to the insides of the walls too.

Flood Damage

Homes built near the coast, in low-lying areas or in floodplains are especially susceptible to flood damage. Depending on how the house was built, water damage may be limited to the HVAC unit and other items located in or around the home’s crawlspace. Alternately, it could be a total foundation collapse.

Storms can cause damage to even the most well-built home. That’s why it’s important to always listen to local authorities when there is the potential for severe weather. Knowing which areas of your home are most susceptible to damage and why can help you prepare for the worst before an extreme weather event strikes.

Daniel Pauly