3 Things You Should Do With a Brand-New Drill Bit

3 Things You Should Do With a Brand-New Drill Bit

A drill bit is a handy cutting tool used by many homeowners and DIY builders to create holes. A drill can either be corded or cordless. The drills come in various sizes and have regular and Philip head screwdriver attachments. However, not many of us know how to use a drill properly. People underestimate what a drill can do. Say you bought a new drill bit today. What can you do with it? How do you set it up? The good part is that you can modify a drill bit to do almost anything you want. How do you go about it? This article explains the 3 things you can do with your new drill bit.

Make Easy and Quick Pilot Holes

If you own a drill, I’m sure you’ll drill some holes. But there are times you will find yourself working with temperamental material that is likely to split when you hammer it into. The best solution in such a scenario is to drill a pilot hole. But do you have a proper size bit on hand? Did you know you could use a nail to get your pilot hole started? All you need to do is loop of the nail’s head, insert the nail body into your drill chuck, and you’re ready to go. A German drill bit can do this best.

Make a Dixie Cup Dust Collection

There are times you will be required to drill directly overhead. But it can be painful. It can wear on your arms and shoulders, and the waste material from the hole will fall downward, landing on you. More so when you are drilling into drywall. However, you can take a Dixie cup or a small paper cup and poke a hole in the bottom. You then slide it down over your drill bit and mouth. As you drill, the waste will fall into the cup. Your drilling experience will be more fun.

Depth Stop

Are you wondering how you will know when to stop drilling a hole at a specific target depth? People use electrical tapes to mark the drill bit. That’s a great tip, but when you’re drilling multiple holes, the tape can get ragged quickly, making it difficult to get the accurate depth stop. Instead, you can use a permanent marker to show the target. You’ll get to use it more before it wears down. After you’re done, wipe the drill bit with a paint remover. This hack will make your new drill bit more useful.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things you can do with a drill bit. The ones mentioned above are only a handful of what you can do. Thus, if you don’t have a drill bit, I think it’s high time you own one. German drill bits are the best. Suncoast precision tools offer high-quality cutting tools. They have the best german drill bits in the market. Visit their website at suncoasttools.com for more information.