3 Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician

3 Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician

Electrical emergencies never wait until the time is convenient, often happening overnight or on weekends. When this happens, many people try putting off calling an emergency electrician New Milford NJ until regular business hours, but this can have disastrous results. Here are three times you should call an emergency electrician right away:

  1. Tripping Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker that trips once or twice a year usually isn’t a cause for concern, but a circuit breaker that trips more often than that may indicate an underlying problem. Circuit breakers shut power off when it detects a power overload, which prevents surging and electrical damage. If your circuit breaker trips regularly, this could also damage your fuses much more quickly, which can get costly to fix on a regular basis. 

  1. Humming or Buzzing from Your Breaker Box 

Although it’s often normal for some appliances to hum a bit while in use, it’s concerning when your breaker box is making these noises instead. Sounds like these from your breaker box may signal that you have major wiring problems, which can leave your home’s wires and electrical components vulnerable to severe damage. 

If you think you hear a buzz or hum from your breaker box, even a mild one, it’s best to get an electrician out to investigate it right away. 

  1. Sparking Outlets

Small sparks from outlets are relatively common when plugging something into the wall, but larger and more sustained outlet sparks are a big problem. If you notice a large spark that is white or yellow and lasts more than a second, call an emergency electrician immediately. This can signal that your home’s wiring is faulty, which could eventually lead to electrical explosions if not addressed right away.

Electricity is a vital component of any modern home, but when electrical systems go haywire, it’s important to take precautionary measures and enlist the help of a trained electrician as soon as possible.