3 Criteria Consider Before Buying An Air Conditioner?

3 Criteria Consider Before Buying An Air Conditioner?


Many individuals and businesses use air conditioning in their homes and premises. This long-lasting and effective solution guarantees healthy and fresh air at all times of the day or night. When it is reversible, it also offers incomparable comfort in winter. What are the criteria to take into account before investing? What other reasons can justify the purchase of such equipment ?Look for professional aircon company like LK Brothers at https://lkbrothersaircon.com/ for the best brands of aircon for your home.

Are you convinced that air conditioning is the essential device that is missing in your rooms? Check out some essential criteria before going to buy online and in local company.

  1. The Area Of ​​Your Room

The choice of model depends on the area concerned. We are often only looking to refresh a single room (a bedroom or an office, for example). It is necessary to use suitable and sufficiently powerful equipment, depending on the air volume to be ventilated. It is generally estimated that the power of air conditioning with an area of ​​less than 20 m² should be equal to 7000 BTU (“British Thermal Unit” is a unit of measurement of thermal energy). For an area of ​​up to 30 m², the power can go up to 9000 BTU. Putting the maintenance of your air conditioning in expert hands is always better!

  1. The Type Of Device

There are split air conditioners with two separate units (one placed inside your home and the other outside), gas systems (air/water heat pump running on natural gas), of solar devices (reversible heat pump coupled with solar panels), but also the pipe system, the geothermal well or simply a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) turbofan.

  1. The Noise Level

Not all product lines are created equal when it comes to noise: too noisy air conditioning is very unpleasant and may prevent you from sleeping or distracting you if placed in an office.

Why Install Air Conditioning?

There are several reasons for purchasing an air conditioning unit:

For comfort: in summer, when the heat increases, it is pleasant to have an interior with a comfortable temperature. With air conditioning, you can sleep without being bothered by the heat. You have to adjust the device and trigger it manually or with a remote control so that the atmosphere of your home (or even a room in particular) is refreshed.

To have good quality air: by installing an air conditioning system in your home, you increase your chances of having better quality air: in fact, the “air conditioning” more easily eliminates pollution, foul odors and cleans the air. ‘ambient air. It, therefore, relieves people who are allergic to dust mites or sensitive to dust.

To save money: the so-called “reversible” system allows you to cool your interior in summer while heating you in winter. Low-energy houses are already using this system to achieve actual energy savings. Finding the best contractor to install the air conditioner should also be taken into consideration.

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