3 Common Benefits for Veterans

3 Common Benefits for Veterans

When you become a veteran, you also become eligible for various benefits. However, it may not be obvious what those benefits are. Here are three common benefits for veterans.

  1. Certificates and Non-college Degree Programs

One of the popular aspects of veterans benefits is education access. There are many certificate programs and non-college degree programs that veterans can access with their benefits. Some of these are emergency medical training, flight school and cosmetology school, among others. There are three main programs allowing access to these benefits: the VET TEC program, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Montgomery bill. Some of these benefits also provide college credit payment assistance.

  1. Mortgage Assistance

Another common veteran’s benefit is mortgage assistance. This assistance typically takes the form of repayment assistance and can be accessed via the Department of Veterans Affairs. Depending on your needs, you may be able to choose from programs for loan modification, special repayment plans and loan forbearance. There are also other benefits related to housing, such as VA loans and assistance programs for homeless veterans.

  1. Long-term Care

Many veterans require some form of long-term care after they complete their active military services. Because long-term care can be quite expensive, there is a program called the Aid and Assistance program. This benefit provides options to help veterans pay for assisted living programs, nursing homes and other options for long-term care. This coverage may include covering expenses entirely in some circumstances. There are also services available to help support families providing care at home or paying for at-home long-term care for veterans. Veterans’ spouses may also be eligible for certain long-term care benefits.

Always talk with an expert if you are uncertain about your veteran’s benefits or have questions about them. Ideally, you want to make sure you can access any and all benefits you need or want.

Paul watson