2021 Chevrolet Camaro offers Most Different Trims for Buyers 

2021 Chevrolet Camaro offers Most Different Trims for Buyers 

Camaro, since its launch has always been an icon in muscle car segment. The 2021 model comes with 7 different trims, which is more than any other vehicle in this category offers. Hence, before buying a Camaro when in Oxford Chevrolet dealership, it is ideal for you to gather knowledge of different versions available and how much each vehicle will cost.

2021 Camaro trims

As mentioned earlier, seven different variants are available for Camaro 2021. The base model starts with 1LS and 1LT, which are priced at $25,995 and $26,495 respectively. In the mid-tier section, Camaro offers 2LT at $28,495, 3LT $32,495, and LT1 $34,995. Lastly, the top-tier trims include 1SS ($38,495) and 2SS ($43,495).

When buying this muscle car people straight away go for either 1SS or 2SS models without even looking at the others because they have the best features that offer driving thrills every muscle car owner searches. Hence, if you are planning to buy this vehicle, go for 1SS or 2SS; if one wants to go lower then maximum should opt for LT1 along with some upgrades. However, there are people who frequently go for the 2LT or 3LT also depending on their preference and budget.

These are the seven different versions that are available for people who are looking to purchase 2021 Camaro. However, whoever, one ends up buying; it is suggested to add the optional track performance 1LE package. Other details can be acquired by visiting Chevrolet dealership Oxford location.

Engine performance

The four-cylinder, base model’s engine is quite quick but one might feel a little bit of dull. However, when chosen the V6 as engine, it provides 355 HP, which significantly improves this automobile’s character than when the base model’s engine is equipped. Revving the engine provides a soothing sound which is music to ears of all car enthusiasts. However, the SS and LT1 models are fitted with V8 small iconic block that easily generates 455 HP as well as same lb-ft of torque.

Super quick acceleration, power delivery in linear system, torque (low-end), all vastly improves if people opt for dual exhaust channel/mode. When throttle blasts, it creates a thundering noise that most muscle car is missing.

Also, manual 6-speed transmission is paired with the engine for ideal gear shifting ability. However, people can mate automatic 8-speed as an option for the four-cylinder engine. V6 and V8 engine are teamed with automatic 10-speed transmission that makes it such a sweet ride.

The V8 provides 16 and 26 mpg in cities and on highway respectively, while the V6 offers 18 mpg (city) and 29 mpg (highway). The four-cylinder one offers 22 mpg and 30 mpg in city and highway respectively.

Also, this car provides unparalleled connection between driver and car; through precise handling, solid structure, quality ride, and more makes this muscle car the best one to purchase currently.

Are you ready to own a muscle car? If so then Camaro 2021 would be the ideal choice that you can make. Visit a dealership today and book one as soon as possible.

Clare Louise