Q&A with Rai Navickaite, Holdall & Co.

We at The Holborn are great disciples of the idea of investing in items that last a lifetime, the kind of items that will provide a basis for an inheritance … Continue reading

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Q&A with Sophie Rees, Designers/Makers

Working as a designer-maker in the capital (or anywhere) is hard. With no magical marketing fairy whispering into potential customers ears, how the heck can┬ápeople know about the talent we … Continue reading

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Q&A with Peter Zain Leveritt , Workhouse Garments

Ever on the lookout for those who do things a little differently (and most importantly, properly) The Holborn was exceptionally pleased to stumble across the fine, handmade threads of Workhouse. … Continue reading

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Joe Scialom & the ‘Suffering Bastard’

Being men of letters, lovers of exquisitely used profanity and owning drinking habits that would make Oliver Reed blush, we couldn’t not be deeply intrigued by a drink entitled ‘Suffering … Continue reading

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Q&A with John-Michael, Twenty Something London

I met John-Michael randomly two years ago. Me and my then girlfriend (now wife) squeezed into one of the few remaining seats of a packed and newly opened Brewdog Bar … Continue reading

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The Holborn Drinks: Darjeeling Sour

For our ‘The Holborn Drinks’ London Cocktail Week Cocktail we wanted to find a drink that was a true reflection of both London’s drink heritage and it’s innovative present. So … Continue reading

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The World of London Chessboxing

At The Holborn we only occasionally venture into the realm of sports journalism and when we do it’s a bit different from your Football Focus type fare, as goes our … Continue reading

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