A Very Holborn Christmas List

The time of peace, goodwill and alcohol to all mankind is upon us and may the present giving begin. We at the Holborn spend our time meeting men and women from … Continue reading

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Q&A – Elizabeth Glickfeld, Dirty Furniture Magazine

It has been a couple of years since Jeremy Leslie, industry figure and author of ‘The Modern Magazine‘ dubbed this decade’s explosion of new independent print titles the ‘golden age’ of … Continue reading

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The Postcard: The Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong

On 28th September 2014, the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement broke out in Hong Kong. Yoyo Chan’s friends have been camping on the streets and braving themselves against tear gas, pepper spray and … Continue reading

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Design and Craft roundup December No.1

Not one, but two amazing things set to change the landscape of London in the next year or so: A trampoline! But not just any trampoline. The longest trampoline in … Continue reading

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Buchanan’s Cheesemonger: Maturing and Tasting Rooms

‘What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?’  If philosophising on the subject of coagulated milk was important enough for Brecht, then we at The Holborn can’t be … Continue reading

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Mary McCartney: Just the daughter of a Beatle?

My natural facial expression, I am told, is that of a slapped tuccus. ’What’s up with you?’ friends will ask. And the thing is, nothing’s wrong. I lead a privileged … Continue reading

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Q&A – Luke Faulkner, Faulkner London

Just shy of two months back we undertook our now yearly pilgrimage to the exhibition of the best of British-made goods ‘Best of Britannia’. And just as our previous visits … Continue reading

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