The Jaunty Flaneur: A Social Shoe Shine

Nestled between the grand and cavernous entrance of the Renaissance St Pancras Hotel and the opulence of the finest of Railway Station watering holes, The Booking Office, you will find … Continue reading

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Q&A – Davide Venturino, B.Y.O.C. Camden

London’s taste for cocktails is ever morphing with a great swathe of novel bars with beautifully curated menus, spread between the carefully crafted classic and the hare-brained inventions of the truly innovative few. … Continue reading

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Q&A – Bash Redford and Arch McLeish, Forza Win

Watching my boyfriend stab a glistening joint of meat by candlelight, surrounded by wide-eyed strangers, was an unusual way to spend a chilly November evening. This was our first encounter … Continue reading

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Q&A – Zack Sears, Throne Watches

Until a week ago, I was pretty enamored with my 3 year old Casio digital watch. Then I went to New York, met Zack Sears from Throne Watches and now … Continue reading

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The Postcard: Milton Keynes

Every now and again a postcard lands on the mat at The Holborn’s hypothetical central London offices. This one came from Milton Keynes: Despite its ‘rational’ design, Milton Keynes is oddly … Continue reading

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Introducing: ‘Landslide’, a poem by Jonny Rodgers

Each week The Holborn will introduce an artist. They might be a poet, playwright or plumber. So long as the words are good we don’t care. Jonny Rodgers is a … Continue reading

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Monsieur London’s New Collection

Unashamedly Monsieur London are one of The Holborn’s favourite brands – sophisticated, thoughtfully made and exquisitely produced Men’s Accessories. Combining the great tradition of British menswear with a splash a … Continue reading

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