Q&A with Ben Farren, Spoke

When we first heard of Spoke they were being made very much a stone’s throw away from our Editor’s flat in Hoxton. With our interest peaked by a local business … Continue reading

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The Holborn Drinks: Black Cow Vodka

Vodka as defined by the dictionary is ‘an alcoholic drink originating in Russia, made from grain, potatoes, etc, usually consisting only of rectified spirit and water’. Well a small team … Continue reading

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Q&A with Marion May Lingerie

We love bespoke at The Holborn, we’d have every stitch on us bespoke if we could afford it. There is something so intimate, considered and majestic about wearing something designed … Continue reading

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The Holborn Drinks: The Smoking Bishop

The season for a festive cocktail is slowly winding down to its chilly conclusion. So we’ve turned to an Eighteen Century concoction to give proceedings a good kick up the … Continue reading

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Bad Film Rising

Mother always told us only speak if you have got something nice to say. A maxim we on the whole hold to at The Holborn, though occasionally one has to speak up … Continue reading

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Q&A, Chay Cooper, Wildsmith Shoes

To continue on a theme, The Holborn has another feature on artisan shoemaking today. It’s a real pleasure to finally feature an English shoemaker, we’ve always made a point of … Continue reading

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Dead Dolls Club’s The Dolls House

Behind the front door of the most inconspicuous and plain-looking building of Hipster central Hoxton Sq lies a ‘pop-up’ with a difference: Dead Dolls Club’s The Dolls House. Get passed … Continue reading

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A Beer Festival or Two- LCBF

Summer has really delivered this year. We are not talking about the sun but the addition of the London Craft Beer Festival to our August calendar, which sits very nicely … Continue reading

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